23 January 2012

Analogous Color

I am officially back and diving fast into my work! This semester is already going to so much better than the previous, and my photos are actually looking a lot better as well :) SO, here is the work that I just did for my color photo class. The assignment was to create a photo that uses monochromatic or analogous color, I chose analogous.....enjoy!

08 January 2012


Just to check back in and let you know, no I'm not dead. This past semester was an adventure. I was floored by the work load and it so happens that it got the best of me, but I promise that I will be better and serve up some new photos soon! 

29 June 2011

Work From this Past Semester

Like I have said before...it has been a bit busy as of late, therefore the blogs have suffered. BUT finally I can upload some more photos of the work that I have done! I hope you enjoy these few images cause I know that I had a blast shooting them. You may recognize one of the girls in a photo, Emma Koide. If not you should check out her photo blog Life Thru a Lens at this URL: http://emmakoidephotography.blogspot.com/

28 June 2011

Self Portrait

Now that both winter and spring semester are finished I finally have the capacity to update my photo blog....with a few changes of course :)

One of my favorite projects from my photo class this past winter semester focused on the self portrait. Needless to say the entire class had amazing photos and critiques, as usual were brutal (however, Paul, thank you for being so tough, you made us all much better photographers).

So here is what I printed from my self portrait roll....yes film, the best medium alive. Silver gelatin prints!

21 March 2011

New Interests

I decided not to study for French today, and then I realized I have not posted on my blog in forever.....so I started a tumblr (you can find me at lafemmeavecdeslunettes.tumblr.com) and a pintrest account. I am sure everyone knows about tumblr, the perfect photo blog, but pintrest is a up and coming fad, catching on quick! The premise of the site is to simply go on and 'pin' the thing that you like into different categories, and it is addicting. I have already accumulated quite the collection and I know I will be messing around on it during my Biology class instead of taking notes!

In other news I am in love with J. Crew's spring look book. I do believe that all of my money will be going towards that particular designer this season. Have a looksee: